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Dr. Nagy is Senior Associate Professor in the Department of Politics and International Studies at the International Christian University (ICU). Currently, he is a Research Fellow with the Canadian Global Affairs Institute (CGAI), a Visiting Fellow with the Japan Institute for International Affairs (JIIA).

Dominic is a veteran consumer researcher and entrepreneur who has lived in Japan since the late 90s. He has wide experience working with foreign brands that seek to enter or significantly expand in the market.

Timothy has lived and worked collectively 40+ years in Japan. He holds three law degrees (one from a Japanese Law School) and a Masters Degree in foreign policy from Georgetown University. His company is a public-affairs consultancy assisting foreign-capital companies, embassies and wealthy individuals interact with The System in Japan in a successful, productive, effective manner.

Kasia (カーシャ) is a trilingual American who spent 8 years in Japan. She is the Founder of Ikigai Connections, a company focused on connecting job seekers that know Japanese language/culture with globally-minded employers.

Kiyoshi lives in Sydney and spans both the cultures of Australia and Japan. He has specialised in cross-cultural communications and marketing for over 30 years. Kiyoshi is the author of a new book titled  Japan Unmasked that offers a unique interpretation of Japanese culture from a distinctly western perspective.

Evan is a Digital Transformation (DX) expert with 18+ years in Japan helping Japanese businesses adopt new technologies and improve productivity via AI, automation, eCommerce, and retail logistics. He has worked both agency-side and vendor-side selling B2B SaaS software to Japan’s Fortune 500, co-founded several startups, and is a Senior Advisor/Board Director to several others. He is currently the Country Manager for Dynamic Yield. 

Yuuichiro is a corporate finance advisor who assists clients on cross-border Japan-related M&A and other corporate finance transactions. He manages his firm Crimson Phoenix from the UK and travels regularly to Japan, where he grew up, studied and worked. Yuuichiro has been a non-executive director and audit, compliance and finance committee member of various companies and organizations.

Mary is an applied anthropologist who has lived in Japan since 2000 and merged her business knowledge with an academic career. She specializes in Japanese business cultural and R&D based on Stanford Design Thinking methodologies and consumer insights analysis.

Rikkyo University

Andrew has lived and worked in Japan all his adult life. Through his Now and Zen Podcast he brings to you insightful conversations with Japan experts focused on business, culture, with stories of success & failure and lessons learned.

Chet is a former Silicon Valley executive with decades of experience driving global growth and transformation at Japanese owned companies operating in global markets. His specialty is helping both Japanese and Western executives to navigate the management and leadership challenges they face at the intersection of Japanese and Western business practices.