My name is Maya Matsuoka, a long-term resident in Japan. A Tokyo-based multi-lingual Bulgarian, I have lived and worked in Japan for 21 years.

I graduated from Sofia University, the national University of Bulgaria while working for a company which organized international conventions, cultural & adventure tours for inbound visitors. Since then, I have worked in the IT, translation, and travel industries, engaging in meeting & convention management and marketing.

Two years ago, I came up with a decision to create a resource of knowledge and information for people who were new to Japan. My idea was to feature and promote the expertise of experienced Japan hands and thus help short- and middle-term expatriates find answers to questions, and solutions to frustrations, that came from the unique nature of Japan’s business environment.

I have been fortunate to collaborate with some of the best professionals who have worked in Japan and learn from them. Thanks to the continued support of Tim Sullivan, Timothy Langley, Prof. Stephen Nagy, Richard Berger, Tomoko Mitsuoka (三岡 智子), Yuka Marosek, CFA and many others, the community of Japan Expert Insights continues to grow, and my deep gratitude goes to everyone who has engaged with us and continues to support us.

My purpose has always been to feature and promote professionals who have more profound expertise in topics related to Japan than I do. Through the years, I have been able to move forward thanks to the tremendous help and support I received from my Japanese colleagues and friends.

Creating this site is my way to give back by helping businesspersons find their way and be strategic in their work in/with this fascinating country.

If you find a bit of time to browse this site, please be kind and know that the professionals featured here are the experts. I have been an observer who is fortunate to live and work in Japan and learn from some of the best here.

Business communication in Japan


Our experts – expatriates and long-term residents who call Japan their home – give their insights into Japan’s public affairs,   corporate governance, market trends, business   culture, and lifestyle.