What is “Scarcity Value” and how this relates to the youth of Japan

Andrew Hankinson talks with Dominic Carter, an expert on Japan market entry, market research, and branding. Dominic shares great insight, knowledge, and current research results, which anyone working in Japan or looking to expand into Japan needs to hear. You will hear his 3 Golden Rules for Japan market entry success, the 4 Marco Trends shaping modern Japan, as well as numerous great quotes about how to succeed in the Japanese market. This is a must-listen to anyone doing business in Japan.

Did you know that in 2018, 45% of all 20 year-olds in Shinjyuku ward were non-Japanese?

This episode with 32-year Japan entrepreneur Ruth Jarman, gives some cultural analysis complete with personal experience and stories. Ruth is the founder of Jarman International, and the author of six books in Japanese. Ruth is full of infectious energy and passion. Here, she and Andrew focus on two of her books: “33 Reasons Japanese should be Proud” and “39 Reasons Japanese are Great” and discuss some of these reasons including her Top 3.

 What is the best reply to receiving a compliment (It is not just “thank you”) and why “Listening” might be the most important aspect of selling

Twenty-year Japan resident, a sales superstar and best-selling author, serial entrepreneur and certified business coach Dr. David Sweet reveals examples of emotional selling vs. technical selling, the three buying criteria for every customer, gives salespersons ultimate response to “That’s Expensive,” exposes the biggest interviewing mistakes foreigners make in Japan, and tells why he thinks business in Japan is easier for foreigners.

If you are interested in Brand Marketing you will love this episode with Per Rasmussen, marketing guru and author of “The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing”

For the past 30 years, Per has been either, head of marketing or president of four major European consumer goods companies in Japan. At both Lego and T-fal he solidified his legacy as a marketing genius by creating a famous TV commercial jingle (#3 Law of the mind), launching a new (still market leading) product category (#2 Law of the category), and localizing existing SKU’s to create a 17-year hit product (#6 Law of exclusivity).